A Meditators Journey: Reference and Perspective

Taking Inspiration from the Buddist Teachings of the Heart Sutra, the Dharmachakra wheel and Concepts of Dependent Origination, 'this.' represents the reality around us symbolically as a digital interactive sculpture.

It is said, according to the Pitāpūtrasamāgama-sūtra, Siddhārtha became a buddha 'awakened one' because he fully understood the meaning of the two truths—conventional truth (saṁvṛti-satya) and ultimate truth (paramārtha-satya)—and that the reality of all the objects of knowledge, the text says, is exhaustively comprised of these two truths. []

When further investigated, the shape of a knotted Torus is seen in ASCII, rotating about an axis, the user can use the mouse (or fingers on mobile) to play with the newly revealed shape.

‘this.’ is a keyword in programming used to specify what the programmer is referring to.

Written in Javascript ( NextJs and ThreeJs ) and created from only the basic computing symbols of '0', '1', '&' the two sides to the simplest 'bit' of information - on-off / light-dark / yes-no, and the '&' logical operator to allow for complexity and abstraction.

Abstraction: The entire work can be reduced to a single changing symbol, or it can be a twisted, rotating, interconnected mass of symbols. Its the exact same thing, just from different perspectives. The work challenges our views simplicity and complexity. This is a statement on the creators beliefs :

Information is all, all is Empty.


  • Digital Sculpture
  • Interactive
  • NFT

Minting allows the owner to set the ASCII characters of the Torus to whatever they please. But only once. The work is forever free for all to view through the Afropocene website.

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