Letaru Noel (Scarletmotif) Obaya Sheila : Proof of Work

An open studio experimental format

Proof of work takes it’s name from a consensus mechanism used in cryptography, to validate the ownership of assets on a blockchain. This experimental exhibition takes the shape of a series of conversations around ownership and value - touchability, tangibility and the tensions which can exist between traditional and digital arts. By bringing together the virtual and the physical onto the same plane we hope to tease out some of the connecting threads, reflecting the artists’ ongoing interest and inquiry into the material/ immaterial dichotomy.


  • Letaru Dralega
  • Noel Apitta (Scarletmotiff)
  • Obaya Dralega
  • Sheila Nakitende

Art Details

  • Bark cloth
  • Mosquito net
  • Projection
  • Mixed media

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