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Current and Past Residents

Kharumwa - Founder, Photographer, Digital Artist

Award-Winning Photographer and Digital Artist. He is interested in the theories around the next evolution of the homosapien that originated from East Africa, and what roles we are invited to play in the next chapter of the species.

Letaru - Founder, Curator, Mixed-Media Artist

Interdisciplinary self-taught artist intrigued by humans in general but more specifically by the questions of post-colonial identity formation

Obaya - Founder, Technologist, Generative Artist

Computer Scientist by training exploring African Fractals, Biological Systems, Emergence, Recursion and Blockchains+NFTs

Odur - Founder, Painter, Sculptor, Installation

Conceptual art tied with fine metalwork and oil painting

Mona Taha - Charcoal Artist

Roshan - Mixed Media Artist

Henry Robinson - Photographer

Afropocene First International Resident

Noel - ScarlettMotiff - Digital Artist

Tracian - Curator

Afropocene First International Resident

Birungi - Mixed Media Artist

Njabbala Foundation Resident

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